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san blas

August 16, 2011

with the help of the hostel bar we pulled a pseudo-all-nighter (it counts if you don’t remember falling asleep) and left for the san blas archipelago, off the carribean coast of panama, at 5am. 2 americans, 2 englishmen, 2 canadians, and 2 irish lads set out in 2 jeeps for paradise amongst 360 other deserted islands. with the alcohol from the night before still in our systems we made a quick pitstop at a grocery store to pick up the essentials for our weekend away – rum and bottled water, before embarking on the most sketchy stretch of road ever traveled. i lost count of then number of times my life flashed before my eyes. think wooden roller-coaster – with no safety harness.

the 4 hour journey was worth it, because after a 45 minute boat ride we made it to an all sand island covered in nothing but palm trees and thatch huts – our home for the weekend. our solid crew combined with the hospitable kuna natives made for nothing but good times and san blas proved to be a highlight of the entire trip (2 days in). but across the country there were more good times waiting for us in playa venao.

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