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playa venao

August 17, 2011

thinking back on my time away – while the entire trip was spectacular, it certainly did start it off on a high note. leaving the tranquility and seclusion of san blas and returning to the city certainly was a shock to the system, and i couldn’t get out soon enough. up until this point we’d been travelling with a guy named kyle, from arizona. kyle teaches spanish in the states. bonus. so the two of us set out on a bus with playa venao on the pacific coast of panama in mind.

this sleepy beach town didn’t have much to it. but the surf, hiking, swimming, bonfires, cold Balboas, and naps in the hammock were all we needed. the 45 minute bus trip to the nearest town for groceries offered a true glimpse into panamanian culture and their strong sense of community. between always making room in the overcrowded van for another passenger (and their chickens) and dropping off supplies along the route to people in need you could tell that these people were always looking out for one another.

our plan to stay for a few days turned into over a week and when the ISA billabong world surf championship rolled into town we quickly found ourselves homeless, on multiple occasions. the people at the hostel were so hospitable though and we always found ourselves with a bed or hammock to sleep in by night fall.

i’ll never forget waking up the sounds of the surf crashing or howler monkeys in the trees. my memories of venao are some of the fondest of all my time away. i can not wait to return.

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