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cloud forest

September 6, 2011

it’s been a while since i’ve posted on central america. maybe i’m subconsciously trying to draw out my summer as long as i possibly can.

traveling across the continent for the second of 3 times during my trip, my pal alex and i finally made it to the panamanian highlands after our first attempt failed because we couldn’t speak spanish with our bus drivers. after bocas our heads (and livers) needed a little r&r, so we recruited some of our bilingual friends we had met back in panama city to join us for a second attempt. success. and it was well worth the backtracking and initial head ache.

we caught a bus from the carribean coast inland. after being dropped off on the side of the road in what seemed to be the middle of no where (thus why we missed it the first time), it was a 20 minute hike up the mountain, into the forest to the lost and found lodge. this eco hostel nestled into the side of the mountain was a retreat like no other we had experienced. the temperate mountain climate was a welcome break from the heat and humidity below. we managed to fill the days with hikes to the river and our nights with board games, foosball and drinking at the hostel ‘bar’. how i managed to climb the three-level bunk bed at the end of each night, i will never know. if you can handle a few massive mosquitoes its definitely worth the effort to get there. don’t forget your deet.

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