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costa rica (costa lot-a)

September 12, 2011

leaving lost and found we set our eyes on costa rica. i had about 2 weeks left in my trip and knew i would have to return to san jose for my departing flight home for my brother’s wedding at the end of july, but had heard nothing but great things about nicaragua. throughout our time in panama we had met other backpackers who were coming from the north and advised skipping costa rica all together. psshhhhh. how could this be?! costa rica seemed like such a draw when i set out to central america.

after a couple of bus rides, getting caught up in an unexpected panamanian protest, and crossing the sketchiest bridge/border crossing of the trip we made it to puerto viejo, costa rica. instead of dorms, we rented tents and stayed at a great hostel on the beach, just outside of town. it was as soon as we left the hostel and started traversing town, for food and drink, that i realised what my backpack-toting counterparts were talking about. costa rica is the 51st state. prices are high and culture is becoming diluted. i shouldn’t generalize an entire country based on this carribean town, but with only 5 weeks on the road, i didn’t have time to see it all.

by this time i had met up with 8 of the most genuine irish kids (affectionately referred to as team ireland) who i knew i wanted to end my trip off with. so team ireland, my friend ruthie and i set off across the costa rica to the pacific coast of nicaragua – recruiting a very nice costa rican driver to take us 9 straight hours through the country side. passing all of the BMWs, walmarts and denny’s restaurants only confirmed our decision to leave.

after crossing the border we crammed into cabs and pretty much drag raced to san juan, nicaragua.

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